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Anne Stieger

Anne Stieger

Founder & Facilitator

Anne Stieger is an educator, professional facilitator and the founder of Imagine Nova Scotia.

She is motivated by the vision of a society where people do what makes them feel alive, and use the extra energy this creates to bring positive change to their communities.
Imagine a world where instead of going ‘back to the grind’ on Mondays, we get up excited about the work we do. Every day.
And that is excactly what Anne currently does:
She supports community projects, businesses and other organizations by facilitating workshops, gatherings and meetings. She also teaches facilitation at Acadia University. In her free time, she volunteers with Slow Food Nova Scotia, where she serves on the board and advocates for good, clean, fair food for all.
Her journey from a well-paying but mostly frustrating job to this passion-based life involved a lot of time, a taste of depression, deep confusion, and, through the support from many amazing people, a move across the Atlantic and a change in careers.

Imagine is her way of giving back while further building her passion-based life.

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